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We work with organisations in a variety of industries, providing services to help identify and place the procurement, supply chain and executive talent your organisation needs. 

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Procurement solutions that delivers better performance

Our suite of services are built around the enduring relationships we form with companies and professionals from across the industry. The partnerships we hold allow us to assist clients with designing effective teams and recruiting talented staff who can optimise their processes and add significant value to an organisation.

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Permanent Recruitment

Staff turnover represents a major expense that can disrupt teams as employees come and go. Our specialist recruitment services are available to place candidates in permanent procurement, contract and supply chain roles, reducing vacancy times and streamlining your recruitment process.

We form lasting relationships with clients, and learn about who you are and what you need. We then help identify and source talented candidates from our vast networks. Employees are matched to clients based on skills, experience and organisational culture, but we also consider our candidates’ ambitions to ensure they see long-term benefits from permanent placements.

Interim and Contract

The strong networks of candidates we operate mean we have access to some of the country’s sharpest procurement and supply chain talent from a variety of industries. This  allows us to promptly find and place candidates in your roles, delivering the people you need exactly when you need them.

Many of the candidates we represent are actively looking for suitable opportunities and are available to meet the immediate needs of your team or to assist with delivering special projects on short notice.

Our online timesheets system provides a quick and easy way to approve contractor hours. 

Executive Search & Selection

Securing leadership talent is critical for improving business performance and meeting organisational goals.

Successfully placing executives requires in-depth work from executive search professionals. Our team can identify candidates with the skills, experience and leadership your business needs.

We maintain candidate networks featuring some of Australia’s best executive-level talent, and we are uniquely placed to attract both active and passive candidates. That means we can assist you in identifying, approaching and recruiting executive candidates, whether they are currently on the market or not.


By partnering with us we will ensure your organisation's brand is represented correctly within the market.

Recruitment Advisory Services

As specialists with decades in procurement, our team has recruitment experience at all levels of seniority and in businesses from every sector. Our recruitment advisory service has been designed to offer HR, recruitment and onboarding  consulting that can greatly improve your existing functions.

Our service includes assisting and advising HR teams and hiring managers with recruitment, interview training, on-boarding  and retaining your employees, as well as with any other recruitment help they need. We work alongside your personnel to develop processes  that will shape your hiring processes, optimise your time and provide a framework for sourcing the best candidates available.

Retained Assignments

Procurement People offer retained recruitment for all executive and permanent recruitment processes. , We’ll work with you to design recruitment processes that make the most of our networks and help us place candidates who are the best fit with your company’s needs and culture. Retained assignments ensure your organisation is our top priority. 

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